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This community has been set up to allow people to access the PSA chan material, without it being linked straight from the archive (which I am not comfortable doing, it could get me into trouble).

This community has the link and password to chan material, and the password for the PSA's NC-17 content. To get access to all this, please reply to the intro post with a statement with:
1) your age (you must be over 17)
2) that you understand and want to read chan and/or graphic material, and
3) that you will not distribute the information within (ie. don't post it/announce it anywhere, I'm not going to stop you sharing it with your friends).

And then join the community (just friending won't get you anywhere), and I will check your statement and approve you.

For people without a livejournal: If you don't have an lj account and don't want to make one, still leave a statement in the intro post (just post as anonymous), and also include your email. I'll send you the information.

That said, this won't be a post-heavy lj. No posting by members; it will only have a couple of posts by me supplying the relavant information, and updates when I add new chan fiction and art :)

Enjoy! Let me know if there are any problems.

- Sarvi

P.S. silverharmony is only a backup mod in this community; please direct all password-related enquiries to sarvihaara.